13 weeks of cosmic confidence for just $33 OR $99 for a full year.

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One small step for you, one giant leap for your business.

Success comes from consistently taking energetically aligned action on the right things at the right time. 

The problem is, it’s hard to stay energetically aligned 24/7.

It’s especially tough to “act as if” around money & business goals when the *lack* of those things are staring you in the face.

Outside forces also impact how you feel.

The moon’s gravitational pull is so strong it creates the seas’ tides…   and here we sit, with brains of 80% water.

Have you ever wondered exactly how much the moon is affecting your energy, motivation, and success? What would happen if you used lunar cycles to guide your timing, the way farmers used to? 

We decided to find out.

The results were so POWERFUL that we’ve run our business by the moon ever since, fine-tuning the process month after month.

Now we’d like to share it with you.

Introducing your new business BFF:

Business by the Moon gives you clarity, accountability, and a direct line to manifest magic.

Our moon phase emails are like having Galactic GPS to take your business (and life) where you want it to go…

Our weekly intention setting ritual is like having a VIP pass to manifesting your desires quickly and effortlessly.

How it works:


Every month, we study the moon’s cycles and the energies they will be bringing to the coming 28 days.

We interpret those results through a lens of what they will mean for you as an online entrepreneur, and schedule them to be delivered via email at exactly the right time for you to take aligned action in your business and life. 


Every Monday, you’ll receive a text message asking you to set your intention for the week. Your reply is sent out into the cosmos. Every Friday, the moon checks back in with you to see how it went.


YES. In our first public season, over 90% of subscribers experienced successful and consistent manifestations via our ‘text the moon’ method.

13 weeks of cosmic confidence for just $33 OR $99 for a full year.

Join Business by the Moon